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Cobra K2 Travelling Rain Gun

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

The Cobra K2 Travelling Raingun will change the way you irrigate your farm and deliver the return on investment you deserve from your dairy effluent system. The only travelling raingun you will ever want.

Cobra Travelling Rain Gun

Farm pumps, travelling irrigators and stirrers. When quality, reliability really matter.

Numedic have been delivering the best pumps, traveling irrigators and irrigation equipment for over 50 years. We care about our customers, we want them to be able to rely on our dependable products, that do what we say it will do. You can depend on Numedic products to have minimal downtime, be low maintenance and be competitively priced.

We develop and engineer world class effluent and irrigation equipment

Our products include consultancy services, effluent systems, irrigation equipment, hoses and pipelines water saving Hydrofan nozzles, electric motor service and supply and power drenching systems.

We work with some of the world's leading Brands

Our products are built to last the distance

When you want to rely on your effluent handling products, Numedic is the obvious choice. Hailed as exceptionally reliable, well built and widely supported in New Zealand and worldwide, Numedic products will keep you running and compliant at all times.

Cobra K2 Travelling Rain Gun

Application depths as low as 1.3mm, targeted directional irrigation, larger spread areas, less labour input - Cobra K2 is a state of art travelling raingun set to bring your irrigation to the next level.

Cobra Travelling Rain Gun
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Shore-mounted, superior mixer includes a powerful industrial grade submersible mixer head and the efficient boom that work together to create a strong vortex, ensuring smooth and consistent mixing. Make the most of of your nutrients!

Metal shore-mounted pond mixer head and boom arm for mixing pond nutrients
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Effluent Pumps

The pumps are designed with heavy duty precision bearings, high tensile CNC machined steel shafts, heavy duty resilient rubber gaskets, heavy duty SG iron for the impeller and casing, MEPS approved motors complete with motor covers.

Effluent Pump
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The irrigators are manufactured to the highest standards, are hot dip galvanised, use super strong FYH bearings, bronze bushes on all moving parts and rust free stainless steel.

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There are no bearings that run in the effluent which allows for years of trouble free operation. The stirrer has a simple yet effective stirring action to keep solids in suspension.

Pond Mixer
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The Numedic drench systems are packed with features and designed to last, ensuring the cows receive their required minerals to maximise production. Easy to install, no complicated electronics.

Deluxe Metered Drenching
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Our relationship with our customers is the key to our success

We have an excellent reputation for a non-nonsense advice on your requirements, and getting the work done when you need it and when promised.
We are a team of problem solvers and are well known for successfully tackling challenging projects.
Our customers can reply on our expertise and our products to meet and exceed their expectations.

ADCAM750 on farm

We supply to the world

Numedic products are trusted by generations of farmers in New Zealand and are exported around the world. Our equipment can be found in many places around the world, and is highly regarded for its reliability and easy maintenance. See our agent list to get in touch with your nearest reseller, or contact us to find out how to become our agent.

Numedic on farm

Numedic products are known for their quality, reliability and ease of servicing.

Robust construction, clever design and ease of use make Numedic products an obvious choice for many farmers around the world.
Supported by a number of local dealers, Numedic products are a reliable and cost effective addition to your farm operation.
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