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Numedic Irrigation Equipment

Our products are used by various Municipalities around the world, built to last, made to perform

Numedic irrigation equipment is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Our equipment is used in farm effluent ponds, meat processing plants, municipal wastewater treatment ponds, abattoir storage ponds, concrete plants and chemical plants

Reliability and serviceability are key when we develop our systems to reduce the total cost of ownership

Numedic team of specialists design, install and service various wastewater treatment systems and equipment. From choosing the right equipment to do the job, to monitoring and servicing, you can rely on Numedic team to deliver where reliability and timing are of critical importance.
We work with various world class brands to bring the best products to New Zealand waste water network.

Wastewater Treatment Systems
Numedic Equipment Service

Numedic Team of Specialists

Numedic' s team of specialists trained in various systems will diagnose faults and service your equipment in a timely manner to the highest level of professionalism and quality.
We have industrial electricians, pump service technicians, engineers and waste water treatment specialists to help you keep your operation running smoothly at all times.
We have worked along side various industry leaders to make our products and servicing leaders in the field.